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Any1 had these problems on their mk2 172

Well these r the problems :-

1) rain sensor wipers(on intermiting)

2)rear headrests

on my mk2 172 i think the rain sensor wipers r crap when on intermiting it takes ages for them 2 come on i always have 2 keep flicking the wiper arm up and down for them 2 work.

And the rear headrests, Y did renault change the style from the mk1 as they r down over the seats and stick in ya back and they look daft pushed up, so ive changed mine and fitted the same colour leather Megane rear headrests so they r just like the mk1 now.

When i had my mk1 172 it was better car i.e less things go wrong
  7.6cc :D

1) You need to change the sensitivity of the wiper but moving the little lever on the right hand stalk!

2) Yes, just insist that your rear passengers move them up and down and and when they get in!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

1 - Mine were crap until I got the sensitivity correct now they work perfectly.

2 - Clio 172 wasnt really designed for passengers or large loads, personally on the very rare occassions that I do have 2-3 passengers I put the headrests up first then put them down again later, not really that big a problem.

Every car with rain sensitive wipers problem. As JillyB said you can adjust it by using the swivel switch which is left of the controls for the rear wiper. Thing is manufacturers have to find a medium, to suit different peoples tolerances, you cant expect it to be perfect. My dads M3 and my uncles Vectra are the same. At least yours work, i need my sensor replaced!

I have the following problems which i am still trying to get sorted.

Washer balls for the lights have both fallen out. Now i can spray the car in front.

ECU Bracket where it meets the top of the suspension has snapped.
  320d M Sport

Problems???? MK2 172???? Read on:

New Windscreen Rubber

New CV Boot

New Driveshaft

New Glovebox

New Washer Bottle

New Centre Exhaust (4K Rattle)

Radio needs electrician

Vanity mirrors need electrician

Half of this is sorted and the other half to be done next week! Cars done 9000 miles!!!!

my 172 had the headlight washer balls fall out at 50 miles! started spraying the public with the washers !

tracking was a problem until i got hit up the arse in West Sussex by a pair of illegal immagrants when my car had done only 400 miles. t**sers skiided for over 200 yards and hit me as i tried to get out of the way while stuck in traffic ! they did a runner and left me and my kids stranded. good things happen out of bad situations though (a wise man once said! ) my tracking has never been a problem since !! and thats a true story !

dealer couldnt sort it, tyre company couldnt solve it, but two kosovans did! I cant figure that out !

oh and my central exhaust rattles now at 8,000 miles.

plus the bloody tyres wear down quick! dont buy Contis !!!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

I see that someone mentioned leaky washer balls. Did you get this fixed or did it sort itself out as I am having that problem at the moment.

Only had my 172 for two/three weeks now but my b*****d gear gaiter had snapped loose, must have been changing gear with a little bit too much enthusiasm! And the passenger seat rattles like hell.

I can relate to the sensitive wipers, ill have to try the sensitivity settings now, didnt even know they existed before! Other than that the cars a good un (touch wood!!!).
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Done nearly 3k miles now, cars great apart from my trip computer doesnt work; despite many posts here, still cant get to the bottom of it or even if its fitted to my CB1N variant.. Ive doen the "hold the trip reset and stalk button" trick to reset the whole computer (scary cos all the needles fly up and down!) but I dont see any icons on the computer display.

Can anyone tell me for sure if Ive got it or not, or if theres a fault?!

bigmoose to re-set my washer jets i gave my head lights a good long blast of water this stopped them leaking, maybe a bit of dirt clogged them up. I have been told that behind the washer jet there is a ball bearing and spring that moves forward to release the water and goes back to seal it, if dirt was there it would not seal properly.
  172 sport,

this is what ive had

wandering brakes on heavy braking

oil leak on rocker cover

climate control sensor fan started to wake the dead

split cv gaiter

washer balls shot out

both front struts rattle like mad on a bumpy road

heavy banging underneath on acceleration

air bag warning light comes on as and when it pleases

exhaust rattle at 4k sometimes

boot spoiler has rubbed the paint off the inner 1/4 panel

paint literaly fell off the front bumper

other than that its been ok

for now that is but it goes in next monday so im sure renault will mess something up for me

Yogi - My airbag warning light comes on every so often, usually after someones moved the seat to get in the back. Just push the connector under each seat together a bit more & it sorts it. If it still does it, you can get the connectors soldered which will sort it for good.

Mines in tomorrow for the dreaded 4k rattle. Ill let you all know how I get on.

Paddy - when you gonna fix your radio? Mines been perfect since the new display was fitted (famous last words...)

Was thinking all these problems with 172s, are the same ones, just gonna repeatedly happen year after year or what??? Love the car, but dont want to put up with these hassles indefinitely, the reason I changed my old car (a 12 y.o. XR2i with LESS hassels than everyone has listed here) was that I was sick of spending most my time at the bloody garage!! :confused:

Heres how to solve the problem,,,,, get a Cup!!

1) No rain sensor

2) No rear head rests

3) No headlight washer


Had my 172 since september, probs so far:

O/S Headlight filling up with water (new headlight)

Bent o/s front jacking point (bent back)

Water under rear nearside seat (this turned out to be a dodgy grommet in the boot)

My rain sensor is also the same. Ive tried adjusting the intermitent wipe settings on the stalk but it seems to make no difference. Not too fussed any way. Just wish it had a heated front screen like my trusty old XR3i, better than any climate control!

Does anythink all these problems are just the French getting their own back on us????

Bigmoose - Whitehouse Renault at T/Wells changed my headlamp washer jets under warranty. Apparently its a bit of a job as they have to remove the front bumper (or so they told me).

The only 2 things can find fault with the car are:

Headlamp washer balls doing a disappearing act and I still cannot find my brake fluid resevior. The dealer seems to create the biggest problems!