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Anybody near Reading way got a Jigsaw I can borrow?

  Clio Sport 197
Odd request I know, but does anyone have one I could borrow? Saves me spending £30 to use it once!
  Clio Sport 197
I thought it might be a link to your fantastic black & decker jigsaw, knew I shouldn't be so optimistic!
  Clio Sport 197
Ben - when do you need it for mate?

Classic from Tim, even 'car themed' aswell. Love it.

Cheers matey, good to see you earlier, would be legendary if you can get hold of one!

I've got a chainsaw.

Could give it a go, but think I'd make a complete mess of the project I have planned and seeing as I've never used one, probably make a mess of myself too lol
  Seat Ibiza
In need of someone who can re-set my ABS light... Scrooge changed them over and it hasnt gone out ever since... want to do that before I spend money on genuine renualts!