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Anyone also own a Mini or X5

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BMW Recalls 94,000 Cars

BMW is recalling almost 100,000 vehicles worldwide, including 38,700 Minis, due to faulty gear cables.

The German car giant said it was a precaution because faults had been discovered on one or two vehicles.

BMW is recalling the Oxford-produced Minis at a cost of £2.5m as well as 56,000 X5 vehicles for £1.4m.

Hmmm so BMW are spending nearly £4m just because a couple of people couldnt change gear properly.. Yeh right!!!

Alright Griff hows it going mate? Good I hope.
Bit slow replying to this one but I spoke to my Beemer dealer earlier today chasing up delivery on my Cooper S and mentioned this one to them. The guy just laughed and asked me if I had got rid of my Cooper yet which I did a few weeks ago. They are trying to play it down as if it is nothing but apparently there have been several complaints of people cruising along and getting stuck in gear and not being able to change up or down. A bit of a phucker if you are sat in the fast lane wanting to come off at the next junction coming up rather sharpish!! Apparently it is only a 10 minute job to get sorted though. Not that I really give a sh*t anymore.
Anyway not long now until the old footie season starts!! Cant wait. Just a pitty I support a sh*t team.
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My uncle has an X5 and had the brake problem that theyve been recalled for.

BMW are going through a rough patch with recalls - look at the problems theyve had with the new M3 engines spitting rods and cooking cranks?

Rocky times for Bavaria.

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Hi Cooper S,

Where you been lately? Good to see the new motor is on the way!

Just over 2 weeks and were live at Arsenal, what a first game in the Premiership eh??!?! Managed to stick 7 past Tranmere last night so somethings going right at the moment