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  1. Sir_Dave

    Mini R56 JCW

    So, my Trackshed R53 ( is currently smoking like a chimney & needing the valve stem's doing, so last month i bought a Lohen BVH. However, by the time id worked out that i also needed a Janspeed manifold, Tomcat, Catcam &...
  2. Daz_RT_04

    2006 Mini Cooper S - Another One.

    Well the ST is due to go back shortly and instead of getting another lease etc I decided to re-visit old ground and get another MCS. I was quite fussy when it comes to spec. It had to be 2005 onwards, Grey (Dark Silver) had to have Xenons with preferably full leather and multifunction steering...
  3. Knuckles

    [Nov 21, 2015] North west five guys and mini golf (Manchester)

    Who is up for a meet at the trafford centre in a couple of weeks For five guys burgers and mini golf? On Saturday the 21st November. 7pm on the top floor of the multi storey. Let me know if you're game :smile: All are welcome.
  4. cs_dave

    minion dash bits hydro dipped

    Seen these quite funky bidding 2 so could be cheap
  5. B

    R53 Mini Cooper S

    So I have bought one of these to use during the winter and have myself a little project. Got it last Saturday from Oxford was really cheap but it does need a few things doing to it to tidy it up a little bit, which I'm hoping to do. Plans are to tidy it up but keep costs down: - Wheel Refurb...
  6. wozza182

    Another R53 Mini Cooper S

    Jumping on the band wagon it seems, I took the plunge and after 6 years of Renaultsport ownership, I purchased a Mini Cooper S. Its a 54 plate and it's covered 86,000 miles. Initial thoughts is that it is a lot nicer inside, the driving position is better than my 182 and the supercharger whine...
  7. S

    HTC one mini 2 broken screen

    Well it was bound to happen at some point managed to break my first screen, dropped it the weekend now the screen is fooked big time not working at all. After having a look on the interweb it looks very difficult to change myself without killing the phone in the process, the cheapest I can get...
  8. renclio

    My Mini Cooper S now on Ebay and Pistonheads

    Hi All, Brilliant car unfortunately I am moving abroad so no longer needed. Renclio
  9. D

    My Mini Cooper S

    Need to make a bit more of an effort to sell this now.
  10. Sam

    Mini 2019 John Cooper Works

    **UPDATE** Ive changed this 2015 model to the new 2019 LCi JCW. Click here to see the updates! - Mini 2015 John Cooper Works So I ordered this 7 weeks ago and it dragged like hell! But yesterday (25 of...
  11. Daniel

    Mini Cooper S Works GP No1021

    11 months of dribs and drabs working on it, and this is the end result. To say I'm happy with it is an understatement! Work we've done; 4 new dunlop SP Sport tyres, 205-40-18 New discs and pads all round Wheels refurbed and re-polished Full service Brake fluid change New timing...
  12. StuOwen86

    minimum pad material left for track use.

    Is there a minimum recommended to change over to new pads I was just wondering ad my CL RC6 are about half worn (can't remember exactly how much was on them new but look about half maybe a little more) and was wondering how low before they should be changed. I changed my last set as I had a...
  13. Waitey

    Mini John Cooper Works GP 0316

    New toy. Bought it for the Mrs but I think I'll keep it. Only 29k miles, never seen rain until today. Set of new GP2 Recaros which were £1400 each! (I have the mint OEM Recaros too). So far so good. Drove it for 5 hours on the way home, its just so much fun. Shocking photo's but who cars! On...
  14. J

    Help needed determining renault clio II central locking diagram (pic)

    Hi, im trying to replace my old car alarm (aint going as smooth as i thought :)) and i was hopeing if anyone can tell me witch central locking diagram clio 2 uses? ( pls refer to pictures) regards, J.Helm
  15. M.C..

    Aluminium Radiators

    I will be removing my AC in a few months so while I am at it I thought of getting an ally rad. The eBay ones are quite appealing for the price, has anyone got one? This one...
  16. Dano'

    Subaru mini meet

    I recently joined a South Wales Subaru owners club and went to my first meet tonight, I took 40 photos but nothing fancy so ill just post my favourites! Not a bad turn out for a mini meet and with threats of rain but still enjoyable, looking forward to some of the bigger meets! We met up in the...
  17. D

    Replacing tie rods and balljoints- mini guide and pics.

    Hey there, I just replaced my clio 172 ph2 tie rods and end tie rods (balljoints) and i want to share with you the process.( the parts are Febi parts) Its actually pretty simple to do. Just need to correct tools. 1. Popping the wheel out. 2. Remove to lower engine plastic cover (just for...
  18. Simon_16v

    Best Value Sim for iPad Mini 4G & Wi-fi

    Hey guys, Just got myself an iPad mini 3 4G & wi-fi, I was wondering if people knew which was the best value network for data for it? Thanks
  19. Bazzon

    Mini JCW

    My Wife finally replaced her 1.4 Pug 206 with a Mini JCW Wanted the R56 as she did not want a new shape so found one with the later N18 Engine in it (after some hunting and disappointing trips to dealers that did not know the differences) Its great fun to drive like a little go kart and the...
  20. O

    Mini Clubman JCW

    Just got a new car yesterday. Love it. full spec. on coilovers too. love it. few pics for you
  21. Knuckles

    Black 197 seaham, playing with a mini.

    Just had a message from a friend saying he had a play with a black 197 in his mini one. The 197 owner seemed a bit disappointed that the mini wasn't a cooper S. Anyone on here? Own up :p
  22. cafcross

    iPad Mini 3 - Currys

    Just a heads up for anyone looking at buying an iPad Mini 3. Currently on an Easter Mega Deal in Currys, 16gb WiFi is down from £319 to £249.
  23. BoatNonce

    [Apr 11, 2015] Plymouth Mini Meet (Morrisons Outland Road)

    Just a mini meet for everyone. The plan is to go for a drive during the afternoon (probably dipping into Cornwall and Whitsand Bay), grab a meal and then we might go karting after. Meet at 4pm at Outland Road Morrisons (the farthest side of the carpark from the store). See you then!
  24. Jack-C

    Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

    So my sister is selling her mini, she's just picked up her new Fiesta ST so this needs to find a new home, incredible spec and condition inside and out. All the information about the car is in the advert...
  25. Gus

    Project Binky - mini 4x4 turbo celica engine

    Is anyone else following Project Binky on youtube? The attention to detail and fabricating skills are amazing. Is there any other projects like this on youtube.
  26. D

    A mini PC JUST for Netflix

    Anyone got any recommendations? Misses uses Netflix only on a shitty laptop which is plugged up to the TV but its old and keeps overheating Anyone know any?
  27. Hoofy

    MINI Cooper 1.6 (Chilli pack) 2008 35k - £6800

    We're emigrating and I need to shift the Mrs' car..... we've got it up on autotrader at the moment, but thought I'd see if anyone on here is interested. (LINK) It's been a great little car in the 3 years we've had it and I can tell you confidently that it's a great handling car, I know Clio...
  28. Coby.

    iPad Mini to HDMI Cable

    Hi Guys, Is this cable what I need to connect and iPad Mini to the HDMI connection and stream CartoonHD website to the tv? I have Apple TV but this is for my parents and I'm reluctant spending £100 on another when the website could be taken down at any point, They will not use the other aspects...
  29. BoatNonce

    [Dec 13, 2014] Plymouth Mini Karting Meet (Plymouth Karting)

    Just a mini meet in plymouth seeing as we have quite a few members locally. The plymouth track is really good and we've always had good meets there. Start fairly late in the evening, this is because the track is usually busy during the day but is open late and it gives you a clean track to just...
  30. M

    Miniyou´s Black Gold 182

    I thought I should start a progress thread about my newly acquired Renault Clio 182. It has close to 89,000 miles (143,000 km) and a few niggles, but which renault doesn´t ... hahahah As a summary of the car: -Belts were done at 70,000 miles - It has compomotive MO5 alloy wheels with...