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Anyone else got a rattly glovebox


The glovebox lid on my mk2 172 has just started rattling, especially at around 1250-1500rpm).

The lid doesnt fit properly on the right-hand edge (but then, it doesnt fot properly on ANY mk2 clio that Ive seen) and if I press the ill-fitting area the rattling stops, but Im not sure if it is that that is rattling or if it is the catch area.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix it?

One more thing - does anyone else feel that the 172s are one of the most poorly built cars theyve come across? I feel that for the money, they have crap build quality. It just seems to be one thing after another, what with all the rattles, suspension problems, loony washer balls, rattling exhaust, etc etc etc. I just cant wait to get rid of it. The build quality has already put 2 friends off buying one and I severely regret parting with my cash. Which is a shame, as i had to work real hard to be able to afford the car, and the clio community is great! Still, I learn my lessons well. Never buying a french car again.

In fact, in anyone wants to buy it off me, let me know. 02 (April) plate, 2700 miles. Pearl Black. Cliosport sticker included :)


  Clio 1.6 16V

Ive had 6 clios over the past few years ranging from 1.4RT, 1.6 RXE, 1.6 Sport, 1.6 Dyna+ and my present MK2 172. Without a doubt, this is the best built Clio Ive had so far! Only rattles I have are the passenger seat and the instrument dimmer/esp switch panel.

The glove box on my last 1.6 Dyna+ used to rattle also. Was worse when the air con was operating....started squeaking. Reckon it was due to cold air in the vent pipes. Disappeared when air con was switched off. All the sunroofs on the past models squeeked, especially under hot conditions. Perhaps thats why the 172 is quieter .... no sunroof?