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Anyone else had this

My Mk1 172 is making a lumpy swirling sound from the engine when idle, anyone else experienced this, is it the cambelt? Its only done 15k,


  Astra 1.9cdti XP


Drove me fecking crazy!! Took it to the dealer firstly they told me it was because the 172 was run lean to keep emissions down they suggested increasing the idle rev from 750rpm to about 780rpm.

When I came to collect the car they cahnged their minds it was the oxygen sensor(whatever that is!) which they ordered and have now replace and it has fixed the problem though not quite 100%

But am told that is just something that 172 owners have to live with!!!!!

Cheers for the reply, i will have it checked independantly coz i dont like renault dealers, but i do appreciatiate any response from here, thanks,