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Anyone from Lancs

  R5 Gordini Turbo

I am up in Whally (nr Clitheroe) quite often and was wondering if, with a little notice, anyone would like to meet up for a little tipple.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

well im from St Helens, an im regularly in Rochdale

i know there are some northern members are 21 of us will be decending on Bury a week on Saturday for the RR day


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yup, Im from tother side of Pendle too, I live in Fence (aka Wheatley Lane) so not far away.

I drive past Whalley every day on my way to work, as I work over at Samlesbury.

What colour is your 172 and is it a mk1 or mk2?

Ill keep my eye out...
  Williams 2, STi N12

I will be travelling home back to Skipton on the 26 Sept for a long weekend.

Ctain you fancy giving me a guided tour of your project RS300???

im from skem near liverpool, why dont we have an organised meet once a month for us up north, it would be a scream. bolton rebok stadium is ideal for it, when i owned a corsa we had corsa sport meets there, so lets get some clios there but on different days to them cause we dont want to show them up, haha.

nice one,


Just a point Anders, I will be in London 22-27th (an ethical hacking course lol!!), but home the friday night.. so the 28th or 29th would be kewl.


that would be kewl..

I never realised we had such a full northern contingent.!

How about an early moring run over Widdup Moor or the Trough of Bowland one weekend ?? 6 oclock start is excellent for these rather superb roads..

  R5 Gordini Turbo

Blimey Gvnor, a little early for someone how need beauty sleep...

Count me in then, then a nice full english somewhere!!!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

A little early for a shandy though. ahhh well. I need to confirm that this is the weekend that I am up so that I can stay with friends.
  Williams 2, STi N12

I will be travelling from Brighton on Thursday 26th and staying in Appletreewick till Mon 30th.

Joe, think Thurs night might be better as I am rallying Sat/Sun. email- ..cheers
  Clio 1.8 16v

so is any 1 going to meat up?there was a good cruise on wednesday at wigan one side of the car park was for all the wigan skallys in there old fords and novas doing burn-out and all the other tricks and on another side across the pavement was were u parked your cars so no 1 crashed into them good hey but it gets better!!you get loads of girlz comin on and let me tell you they love clios parked mine up and walked across the road and looked back at the car and there were 5 girlz around it sayin how much they love them and askin were the driver was because they wanted to fcuk me mint but i was with my bird so i thought best not walk over.its on again this wednesday on kudos car park

Why not arrange a day at the races just have a meet up point thats fairly central, have a coach ordered, have an early breakfast ordered at a nice pub that will open at 8am 4 u
You cant beat a full english with orange juice and a pint of beer



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Joe -

Yeah, we "could" start a mini (meaning small) club...

Or, we could just drink beer?!
  williams and trophy

yeah id be up for a ride over trough of bowland or widdup moor or summat havent been over there for ages lol
not too much of the beer tho hehe


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, good enough for me...

I lived in Sheffield for about 5 years when I was a student and I love the place!

Some of may family (mums side) are Yorkshire born & bred!



Billinge(wigan). Go to the reebok regularly. No mods on the new car at the moment!!! Am going through that stage when I dont want to do anything yet!! I have a few bits that I took of my dynamique to use!!!