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Anyone give me a job

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Nothin to do with clios but more people look at this section!

I am probably gonna be moving away from home sometime in the summer, around July time probably.

I am from Nr sheffield and will probably be moving sort of half way between here and Salisbury as thats where the mrs is from.

I am just finishing an BSc (Hon) Engineering design and Innovation Degree and will be looking at some sort of work to do with design development etc. Ideally something to do with cars.

I am willing to work very hard as I find this area very interesting and am willing to learn.

Is anyone from around the Midlands/ Banbury, oxford area? and needs a new lad?!

If so PM me and I can send my cv etc. or e mail me on

you can clean my house........and there is lots of machinery for you to play with, including a recently built flow bench.

CV to">


full time house cleaner and general doggsbody wanted send CV to">