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Anyone go Cannock on regular basis?

  Clio 182 cup'd
Loads of people probably do, but I doubt they will admit it. To be honest, I thought sitting on MCD'S carpark at night went out of fashion in 2001?
  RS 182 CUP
i admit i like to have a blast with the boy racers now n then, its what my cups built for
  RS 182 CUP
i dont always go to maccies, just got a FEW NEW FRIENDS WHO GO DOWN THERE N I POPPED DOWN there once n it was rammed with decent cars. i used to live over dudley way, u know the buffery road?
  RS 182 CUP
you name it its there, very nice orange mk1 golf gti is one of my favourites i spotted, totally standard and still playing with saxslows! i used to go boy racing years ago up werry hill, when narrowboat way used to be open