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anyone got any pics of...?

hey guys
have you got any pics of a BLACK phase 2 172 / 182

  • with black alloys
  • with white alloys
Im after some team dynamics pro race 1.2's but cant decide on the colour.

Post here, Cheers :)
  197 cup

any help mate ? the white wheels are 17" and black are 15" :)
  Clio Sport 172 Ph2
Good thread, ive got a black phase 2 172 and thinking about painting the standard wheels white but not sure if it will look shite lol.
Cheers for the link Ohara
I will let you know about the wheels Clio1416 im not getting some till I've paid the insurance renewal :0
  Disastra Coupe
Don't get a stupid colour. It's so chavtastic it's unreal!

I'd say the one above with the black wheels looks awesome tbh. Black on black alway's looks good :) Just need to keep it clean!