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Anyone here own my old 16v

I thought you did. I remember you posted a reply ages ago saying you saw my Clio in Hemel. I saw a yellow 172 yesterday on my way back from work and presumed it was you, you were going up Queensway I think. I also spoke to you at Watford train station after a heavy session one Friday night just before I bought my Clio. I told you I was going to buy one and you said that you used to own one. Small world mate!!

Im alright mate! Yeah, it was a while ago now when I was driving around without the front bumper. Some knob ripped it off when he drove into me. Thats all fixed now though. Im still over Watford quite a lot at the weekends, going over Sat night funniliy enough! Any luck finding your old valver?

No luck in finding it - just thought possibly someone on here might have it!

Might see you in Watford on Sat as I think me and a few mates are going their too!

Yeah, might see you mate....ill be the one in the gutter! Are you gonna be brave and visit the meat market aka Destiny?!?!
  190 BHP Willy 2

im over watford sat night too :D

Bar Risa, then either Destiny or Area. we will make a executive decision when were there.


Where do you live Scott...anywhere near Watford? Ill probably pop in Bar Risa too. Gotta go in the Moon under Water for a few cheap bevvies first though!!
  190 BHP Willy 2

i live in Aylesbury.

we get a mini bus over and stay there all evening. we do the rounds of all the pubs but prefer Bar Risa, then we ALWAYS end up in Destiny, like you said its a meat market. fun though.