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Anyone in the North West who can take a look at my Clio 3 airbag?

  Clio 3 iMusic
Bought a mk3 Clio last month and it has the ABS SERV light on. I've had a tinker under the seats and checked all the wires. It had been in an accident previously so I got an ODB scanner and used Renolink to try and reset the crash data. Nothing was showing up. Bought a new ECU off Ebay and went to swap it, the one in my car was 8201043701 (Autoliv) But every time I search I'm told the mk3 comes with the AB9 8200528766 ECU. Has the previous owner maybe put this one in as a replacement?

Would be great if I can find someone even semi-local who could take a look for me at a reasonable price before next MOT.