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Anyone know this car? 'V3VEJ' Viewing it tomorrow

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Hey all,

Does anyone know anything about this car?


Im taking a trip into Wales tomorrow to go and view it, but wanted to know if anyone could tell me anything about it if they live near by or know the plate etc.

Mytextcheck seems to think its had 7 owners...would that be something to worry about? Im going to do a HPI check shortly though.

FSH inc Cambelt, good milage for year/price, good condition by pics.

Any info would be great.

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I don't know the car, but it's not far away from me. I do know he's been trying to sell this for a good while. I bought mine 7 weeks ago and he was trying to sell it before that as i enquired about it, but he wanted too much money for it.
  180.5 bhp 172
Its up for £3499ono with 70k on the clock.

Says the cam's have been done, and its lowered 35mm.

Chrisj, whats it like? Did you go to see it?

Its only popped up on ebay/autotrader this morning.
  Clio 172
He wanted 4k for it when it was first listed on ebay. been on there before.Didn't go and see it because of the price. Does look nice in the pictures though i'll be honest
  180.5 bhp 172
Yeah looks alright - one way to find out though!

The 7 owners thing doesnt bother me that much if it comes back HPI clear, as hot hatches exchange hands fairly quickly anyway, and its a 2002 car so over 5 years, it isnt too bad.
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I would be very wary of a 7 owner car. Why did 6 other people want/have to sell it?
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mine has had 6 previous owners but most of them were from the same family (passed from husband to wife to son then daugter) so although its 6 different owners it was only been in a couple of house holds. could be the same thing with this so dont let it put you off but at the same time check that it all ties in together
  Clio 172
more than 1 owner a year? Something funny there? Looks nice! Belts done and full service history should be a minter though! £3500 is a bit steep though imo
  Williams 3
Why would the amount of owners put you off???

If it was 6 owners in a very short space of time then I'd be worried, in this instance it's fine. The 172 isnt for everyone.
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I love that colour...If all the belts are done and it looks ok and is hpi/damage free,and your happy then i wouldnt care how many owners it had...


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Owners is a bit worrying tbh, but it doesn't seem to bother most people, i was the 7th owner on my old clio and it did break eventually but well over a year after i got it.

Seems expensive to me.

Prices have gone up mate, for a fsh nice 172 with belts done that the going rate, when i was looking around mint 172s were up for anything up to £4500,

The Boosh!

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Really? My mates just purchased a flame red 172 on 80k with belts done etc & a FSH for £2400! I didn't think they were fetching that kind of money!


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  981 Cayman
Really? My mates just purchased a flame red 172 on 80k with belts done etc & a FSH for £2400! I didn't think they were fetching that kind of money!

I bought a black 53 plate last month.81k on it with the belts done in January for £3100.

Very good price's them at the moment, at least by my area anyway. There are still some bargains out there though, depend how much people need the money.
Seven owners is a lot, my old mans one (identical to that) has only had one befoe him, he's had it donkeys. I doubt he'll ever sell it.