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anyone on oz super L’s

and lowered? my 16v is rubbing on full lock..
got spacers on there now and seems fine but has anyone else had this problem?
their only 195/50/15s

jesus ive got 17s and had a little rubbing on full lock but cant b assed to lower also got spacers and u say uve only got 15s

ah but i bent my struts and snapped a spring so i thought i may as well lower it!
but dont forget my wheels would now sit probably as far into the arches s yours do.

i do a bit of work for a guy who owns a tyre place and i had a look in "tyre trade news" today and found the wholesaler for OZ BBS Fox etc, so i will ring them tuesday and give them all the flanel and see what i can get the for, if they are willing to offer good wholesale rates i could almost certainly offer wheel and tyre packages that would be cheaper than halfords etc,

will see what they say