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Anyone spanked their Cup yet!

im just wonderin, with all the talk of no ABS, just was curious as to how peeps are holdin up?

  2012 WRX Waggon

fine! as long as ur not in a hurry to stop on ice.

traction control is a laugh on ice as well, just floor it and watch the little light go mad! Dont know what it looks like from the outside though - wheelspin no wheelspin wheelspin...........

Nearly totalled it yesterday as was late for work and threw it into a space at the top of our open air multi storey. It was like Clio on Ice as I skidded towards the barrier but thankfully managed to stop about 1cm from it.

A new pair of pants later and I was ready for work!

I dont get all this ABS rubbish. It does not matter what the weather is like, drive to the conditions and you wont get into trouble. I have had no problems at all with my cup and Ive driven it through all the snow etc. If it ever begins to lock I take my foot off the brake and do it again, basic driving skill. If people are continually driving in a way that is casuing the ABS to kickin big time then they are not driving according to conditions, just slow down a bit.

Why all this talk about it being hard to drive without ABS? We never had it back in the "old days" of 5 GT Turbos.

Brakes? Nah theyre fine, its torque-steer, wheelspin and changing up "after the shift light / before the rev limiter" Im battling with :)

Anyone tried 205/40 x 16 on their Cup/172 yet?