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Anyone want a 1:18 model of a Clio 182 Trophy?

  Clio V6 255
Anyone interested in a Clio 182 Trophy 1:18 model ?

It has been discussed several times but one has never been made.

I think our best chance for a 1:18 model is to lobby Ottomobile as they have already made a Clio 172 Ragnotti/Cup which is very similar even down to using the same wheels and bumpers with no headlight washers and the simple rear bench seat.
For them it will be easy to change the paint, seats and wheel colour and add the badges.

Therefore I have just sent an email to them in French requesting this

I think if as many as possible sends a brief one paragraph email confirming your interest to buy this model we may get one.

I have posted this on also.

The email address is

I also sent various photos to show this has international appeal and was revealed by Alonso and Fisichella in Monaco

clio trophy monaco.jpg