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anyone want to be nice and help:amp wires

hi, im haveing trouble getting the power cable through to the battery in me 02 clio.

if there is anyone in the hudds/leeds/manchester area that could give me a hand i would be dead grateful.

please post if you could be kind enough to help

  172 cup'd extreme

where the bonnet release cable goes through the bulkhead pull the grommit out and feed the power cable through there.
theres a guide on here
  Clio 182 LY + Cup packs

If you pull the gromit out where the bonnet release cable is like 16v_jon said it really is very easy. I just did it on my 182 last weekend. The gromit is located on the passenger side behind the glove box.

If you have power steering then i suggest you unclip the resevoir bottle from the passenger side wing under the bonnet, this will allow for easy access to get to the cable once pushed through the gromit.

Seriously its only a 5min job, but If your still struggling give us a shout I live in Leeds