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ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

No, but Ive borrowed one...

Easy to setup and use, all instructions are provided with the unit and are available on the website too.

You dont have to accelerate to 100mph, you can set it to what you like, so 0-60, 0-100, even 0-10 if you really want.

From the main site, the review of the ap-22

Before using the AP-22 for the first time you need to enter information specific to your car, in order to obtain the most accurate results. This basically involves finding a flat, straight piece of road on a day when there is little wind, and accelerating to about 65mph, selecting neutral and then timing how long the car takes to get from 60mph to 55mph. You will also need to time how long it takes the car to coast from 15mph to 10mph. You then take these figures and enter them in to an equation to find your cars CdA and Rolling Resistance. To help fellow owners who may wish to purchase an AP-22 here are our results to be entered into the unit:

Sounds like alot of fiddling about to get it set up!