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Aperfect weekend for............

Cruising and driving around its gonna be nice all weekend shame i aint got my car till monday:(

Maybe my mum will lend me her Civic type R or my dad might lend me his Lexus GS300

Company inusrance any driver who has permission Perfect ha ha

Im setting off from Newcastle to drive home to Preston in about 30 mins, A69 and then M6, got the radar hooked up, and 3/4 tank of Optimax, traffic permitting should be a blast! Weather is brilliant, hope you all have a good weekend whatever you get up to!

The weather has gone from excellent to okish down here, going for a drive with Jay (boyracer666)..hope hes ready to eat my



40 minutes and counting. Time to find a newspaper and a not so comfortable seat!! That should kill another 10 mins. ;)
  RB5 & 172

still another 50mins for me and my GF has my car so im in her vtr for my drive home, still have some fun though!

i finish work at 6

then its 5th gear all the way home... petrol is getting rare soon. ill flog my tank of petrol for £1 million quid in a few weeks once the oil stops shipping :D