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Aperture 2

  Tappd'd RS
Hi Guys,

I can't afford CS3 / 4 - anyone got Aperture and is it any good?

I'm not particularly advanced when it comes to retouching etc. so a relatively simple (but effective) program would be good.

Just got iPhoto at the moment.



ClioSport Club Member
  A blue one.
Aperture is not retouching software like photoshop, Lightroom is adobes equivalent to Aperture.
  Oil Burner
get light room i found it much easier to use, its not got the flexibility of CS3 but it allows you to do most of the common adjustments to photos with a better interface/access to these controls.
  Tappd'd RS
Thanks for the link Ben - there's a link to download a 30 day evaluation version - I might do that and see how I get on.