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Apline H/U

  Clio 182 Full fat
just about to wire up my headunit but its one with 4x60w amp so i need to connect the yellow cable to the battery whats the best way to do this?
  Chocolate Bar™
just have to run a new wire into the engine bay. think theres a hole on the passenger side footwell - but not 100% positive.

just pop down to your local motor factors and they'll give you a suitable guage cable. on the alpines im not sure if the iso enables you to plug the wire straight into the iso. as i once bypassed the iso ignition option on my old 205 so it would run directly off the battery.
  Clio 182 Full fat
whats the easiest way to run the wire? ive found where the bonnet cable goes but dont see where it comes out?!


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 6/Ph1 v6/R34
drill a new hole in the boot realise grommet back right of the engine bay....this i what i did and have never had a problem!
  Renaultsport Clio 172
Get yourself an awl (long small diameter nail will do but an awl has a handle!) push pointy end through grommet. Remove awl and push it into side of cable about an inch from the end and push it down the inside of the cable towards the cut end. Push that lot through grommet. Carefully remove awl leaving cable in grommet then, in engine bay, pull cable through. Cut end of cable with hole off. This worked for an 8 gauge cable. Will be trying it on a 4 gauge soon.