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Apple ripping people off (no surprise there)

Haven’t watched it but I already know it’s totally biased against Apple because Louis Rossman hates them because they won’t let 3rd parties fix apple phones (which is a whole other debate/conversation).

Considering thousands of people get results from Apple genius bars daily and this is probably within a small sample size I’d hardly consider an uneducated Genius Bar assistant, repair person as Apple ripping people off


ClioSport Club Member
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I did 3 years sending stuff for Apple repairs never had any issues, it was pretty rare for Apple to try charging for warranty stuff compared to some of the other brands too.

Darren S

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Mentioned elsewhere that we had an iTunes issue some years back. The online tech support couldn't fix it and it got escalated immediately (not we'll callback at some point if we can be arsed) to the next tier support in America.

Had this bloke on the phone who literally must have been Mr. iTunes - knew the thing inside out and backwards. Got our issue resolved via remote access onto our MacBook in about ten minutes.

Massively overpriced pieces of kit that are above average and out-gunned by the competition. But the quality of support is unsurpassed and iOS is just great to use. If I could get a new gen phone, take it out of its box, wipe the Little Green Robot from it and replace it with iOS - I'd do that tomorrow!


ClioSport Moderator
I find it strange how that one pin could have been bent in the first place to make the screen backlight not work. It like they rigged the problem before taking it to the apple store.