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are pirelli pzero nero any good?

  clio 172
hi folks

just wondered if anyone had used pirelli pzero nero tyres on there 172/182
i found some from my local tyre fitters for a reasonable price £56 per tyre fitted

just wanted to know wat people reckon to them before i buy?
  03 172 cup
had them on my saxo vtr and found them very good but seemed to wear down fairly quick.(and no i was always wheel spinning :) )
  mazda 2 sport white
hi pirelli pzero are abit oldhat check the date on the tyres shelf life about 3-5 years .but the newer the better , you can do this by looking for the dot codes on the side wall it will be somthing like ( 0205 ) this is week 02---- year 05 , but mich or continental work very well more upto date
tread and rubber .