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ARGH! WHITE smoke is POURING out of my dci!!! Help!!

  Clio DCi 100
Hey does anyone know wot this could be??

I was takin a friend home last nite when i pulled away & noticed vast plumbs of white smoke comming from my exhaust as i went up the road.

Suspected head gasket so checked coolant levels but it doesn't seem to have dropped and i hav no discernable loss of power, the turbo stil works...

Bit scared cos had to fork out for a replacement injector only a couple of months back & now this - anyone got any idea if this could be serious?? :S

Its a 54 plate clio dci 100 (formerly had a remap but had it taken off wen the injector was done) its done 78k.

Thanks in advance.
  Nippy white cup
Daft question but a driver at my works once put petrol in a wagon by mistake and that made loads of smoke......

White smoke when first started is normal.
But if white smoke continues you have an internal coolant leak, i.e., cracked head/blown head gasket. Black smoke is caused by a rich fuel condition. Blue smoke is caused by oil consumption.
smell the exhaust not to much just a little see if it smells different?
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  Clio DCi 100
Yeah its lookin like turbo failure, the mechanics at the steelers reckon but they takin a look at her tomoz. If it is turbo how much is another one roughly & how much for labour etc
You have to expect that really, putting extra strain on componenets will result in premature failure in most cases.
  Mk4 XR3i 90 - spec
dependant on level of remap and changes made i'm sure.

cars can go for ever usually.
  Clio 1.5 dci 2005
We have 2005 1.5 Dci micra in the family and since last weeks its kicking big levels of white smoke. No loss of power no other changes.

I am have a feeling that it is the been to Nissan before due to carbon build up in the trubo.

Its a shame b/c its just came of it Nissan warrenty too....

The Micra and Clio share the same engin though the gear box might be different.
  Mk4 XR3i 90 - spec
turbo's arent meant to last forever, could be nothing to do with the map!

They do a decent few thousand miles before they need replacing. Depends on life of the car, around town all the time it'll never get used so last for 10's of years.

A young male full of testosterone and big feet however, will make it work hard. As little as 60k could be had if driven hard daily. Regular servicing and good oil helps to prolong the life and reduces risk of sudden bearing failure + mr bond smoke screen.