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ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

I kinda scuffed one of mine in the snow.

Just started to slide really slowly down our road and the back, drivers wheel came to rest on the kerb! :eek:

Luckily it was only very low speed and its just put a slight mark on there. Was p!ssed off though...

Its a pi*ser. I took a chunk out of my 172 alloys on my 1.2 16v in the SNOW! locked up going round a corner and hit the alloy square on with the kerb. Not Happy! Was not going that fast but managed to knock my tracking out. Steering has not felt right since and with the tracking done the car still pulls to the right. Anyone got any ideas what this could be?

i luv valvers :D

there still a mint mota


this dont mean i own one!

lol i like 360 modenas too! dont mean i got one!

mixing you up with some one else bud, the user who bought that mint low mileage williams, for some reason i thought it was you! Sorry
  CTR EK9 turbo

I kerbed my alloy quite badly and it went ccccrrrrrunch into a tight space in a car park, i was in a rush and had to squeeze - it was a dilemma from either reversing off the kerb crrrrrrunch or keep going gggggrrrraaaaaunch, i just went for the cccrunch and it looks awful, in fact im going to put the spare on as soon as i get my tyres changed at the front (again!).