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Assetto Corsa modding (PC)


ClioSport Club Member
How hard can it be?


@SharkyUK please don’t cringe too hard 😂

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member


ClioSport Club Member
Oh jesus f**k. Go to RaceSimStudio and buy, at a bare minimum, the GT pack, the GTN pack, the GTM pack, the Formula Hybrid 2020, Formula 1990 V12 and Formula 2000 V10, IMMEDIATELY.

well, the GT pack at least.
Ferrari 550
Ferrari 575
Saleen S7
Lister Storm
Viper GTSR
Murcielago GT1

God tier quality mods.


ClioSport Club Member
Don’t get excited, lol. iPotato.

But it’s good enough to get buildings that look at least vaguely similar.

😂🤣😂🤣 Hey, if it works...

Could be the start of McGherkin's Track Builder. You can then travel around the world with your iPotato gathering LIDAR data and sell it as DLC add-on content (alongside the main McGherkin Track Builder app). I'll develop the app for a 51% stake.


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
lol looks good enough from that angle. The engine is just designed to render everything in roblox mode that isn't in view of the driver. Can't be easy making good looking tracks without killing performance


ClioSport Club Member
Are you editing in the background motion blur?

Now getting solid 60fps in 4k with literally everything pinned, if I turn off ExtraFX then I'm up to 4k120... Which will probably be awesome when I have a cable that can manage it.






This one's still processing so it's not in HDR yet.