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assuming money was no object.....

  Clio 1.2 Mk2 Ph1
Okay, I wonder how many will think 'whats the point?' but I wonder what price a port and polish would be for my ph1 1.2 16v?

I know its not worth it money wise but if anyone has a price id like to know. I bet not many would throw cash at a 1.2 like that!

  Clio 1.2 Mk2 Ph1
Bit of fun mate. Relax.

I always seem to get sarcasm thats all. Im not overly experienced with cars, suppose its just a little frustrating when you get that kind of response. Water.Ducks.Back :)


What kind of power gain would it achieve?
No idea lol. You'd see a bit of an increase in bhp I should imagine, better throttle response perhaps.

I had it done to my 2.0 but I also turbo charged it so I couldn't tell you gains on a bigger engine
Keep the £500 and save for a new car, it's the same old advice but honestly it's the best advice.

Even the 1*2's are pointless to tune as they get bugger all gains for the amount of dollar being put in!
  Mk2 Ph2 172
Not a lot.... For the money you will need to spend to get gains that will be worth it out of the 1.2 16v lump you might aswell just buy a 172

Or just rebuild it low comp and turbo it but same applies above
  Clio 1.2 Mk2 Ph1
Ultimate fantasy would be to own a car with alot more power that it looks like it has. An expensive fantasy! Thanks for your comments, just needed my dream squashed haha
To be honest, the "get a new car" comments are true. N/A is difficult to get power from without adding a blower. Then you're no longer N/A so it cancels it out anyway.

My last car for example was a Golf GTi Turbo. I took it to my mechanic mate, paid him £250 and from 150BHP I ended up with 190BHP in 1 hour.

To get that increase from the Clio I'm be looking at £2,500+ I'd imagine.

For that sorta money in the Golf I'd be looking at hitting 350BHP, but I never went down that route because the cash I'd have had to put in wasn't worth it. It was breaking constantly, just could not justify it.

So in short, buy a new car thats turbocharged.


West Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
  RB Clio 182
If you want a sleeper, put a 1*2 engine and running gear in your 1.2 and upgrade the brakes and keep the 1.2 body!!!


ClioSport Club Member
if spending money on a 1.2 16v the best way to get cheap-ish power from them is transfering the TCE bits across and remap, that way your gaining 50hp+ for not too much money!
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
It would be quite easy to get a 1.2 16v to see a significant gain in power, like most engines; just the usual hotter cams, worked head, high comp pistons, set of throttle bodies and a decent exhaust and obviously remapped on aftermarket to suit.

I reckon you could easily see gains of 25% or more without it being rocket science.

Probably cost about 10K or so though, so unless you are in a 1200cc race series, I cant really see why you wouldnt just swap engine or better still swap car instead.

Ported head on its own with no other mods I wouldnt expect you to be able to notice the difference when driving before and after TBH.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Ultimate fantasy would be to own a car with alot more power that it looks like it has. An expensive fantasy! Thanks for your comments, just needed my dream squashed haha

I used to have a nova that you would have had to really know your vauxhalls to notice was modified at all, slightly bigger brakes and 1" bigger wheels and a little bit larger exhaust were the only things you could tell from the outside at all.
That was 270bhp or so and it was absolutely brilliant for surprising people on the road, but TBH these days the roads are so busy and the police are so on the case of drivers Im not really sure I would get to enjoy it anywhere near as much.
These days im of the opinion that the best way to enjoy a car is to do trackdays in it, and who cares if it looks fast or slow for that really?