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At Trax!

just seen loads of modders as we were coming up the A34 between Newbury and Oxford - some really smart, some, ahem, not quite so I have to say

Rob, Was my mates laptop - and his mobile too

Was a very cool day out...

Oh, and I have 95 pictures - Ill put them into a gallery and you can all have a look later!

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Yeah, was a good day out. Anyone c my car there then?? The blue 2.0 Fiesta on the stand.

did anybody else see the red 172 do the 0-60 came out with a cracking time of 6.64 seconds....It looked standard..(from the outside anyway) was it a cliosport owners car?

The red 172 mk2 was my brothers, and it was standard! With only 3000miles! He bodged the launch a little we reckon that he easily could have made it less than 6.5!

Hi Glen
I was well chuffed to see the time your brothers car got...was bloody quick..I think the best Evo have had out of the Mk2 was 7.0 seconds...
fastest run I saw all day was a scooby..hit 60 in 3.8 that thing flew...

Yeah he was quite pleased, shame i didnt have mine there would have been interesting to see! i think he could have shaved a bit off it too, but a 7 quid a shot how many practise runs before you get it right!Saw the orange twin engined renault 5 hit 3.1 to 60 and a mini in 5.0!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Was the scooby a silver one with yellow cooling pipes??

Could of been my mate, cause I think he went up there and that does it in around 4secs.