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ive noticed over the last couple of weeks that when polished up my cup gets alot of attention when out..ive already had 3 people approach me and ask about it! i know its a 13k car but it gets more attention than most 30k cars!

not all the attention is wanted however as a i see some people stare at it who i would rather not!

the queston is has anyone fitted an upratted alarm or had there cup or 172 stolen?
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I think its difficult to tell it apart from a 1.6 16v when moving or far away. The only way i can tell is by seeing how wide it is straight on.

No offence, but its not a car which is amazingly different.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I thought the low spec 1.2/1.4s had pooie wheels, bumper stripes, no rear lip spolier, etc.

Dont really car too much for the new Clios, but i have to respect the 172!

I have a strong steering lock bar that I use when parking in public places, just for a little more peace of mind.

It goes by the trim level. All dymaniques(sp) look the same. With the spoiler and bumper strips. The 1.6 is no different to the others.

Some models dont get aloys or fogs and possibly not the rear spoiler

I had fitted a sigma cat 1 alarm cost £500ish Apart from that just make sure you park it in well lit decent car parks. If they want it that bad they will take it no matter what you do.

Enjoy your car - people look at it because they admire it - feel proud of it.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Its a sad world we live in when we cant even leave our cherished cars in a carpark/outside your own house, without worrying what scumbags might want to do to it.!

Nick it, vandalise it, scratch it!

Makes you weep dunnit!