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Attracting attention

I have noticed that times when i am parking or waiting at lights people are pointing at my mota

for example : was parking on friday night to go for an meal out with the o/h and there was about 10 or so people looking and pointing out the window

do others find they get this ?

Dont worry, I get it too! Its becuase the 16v is a fairly rare sight and it looks so beefed up against a normal Clio. People rarely know waht they are.

My brother once wrote f**king c**t in the dirt on the side of my car and it was a good few days before I realised. :oops:


  Shiny red R32

Night.icon, perhaps they are doing what some friends and I have done in the dim and distant past, when feeling silly! Overtaking someone and at the same time pointing in the direction of their offside wheel Within a short while they pull in to the side of the road to see what we were pointing at, probably thinking that they have a puncture or something.

Similarly, if you point at, or pretend to look at something in the sky, and there are several people around, you watch to see just how many also look up, to see what the rest of us are pretending to look at.

Maybe that is what they are doing with your car!!

I was having my haircut the other day and I parked the car where I could see it, this old guy walked past with his dog and just stopped and was looking at my car. He did not look the dodgy sort, it made me smile though to think that even older people appreciate the look of them.
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I got wolf wistled last night!!! by a bunch of blokes!!! OOOOh!!! (i think it was meant for my female passenger)
  Abarth Grande Punto

I get people looking at my motor all of the time.

Just take it as a compliment. It makes me smile when I see idiots in there rusty escorts thinking they are the nuts!!

Dont worry mate. DOnt take it the wrong way.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i get people looking at my car all the time too, there were these two blondes this one time.... but we wont go into that too much.


Gaz 2130


  Shiny red R32

Yesterday a young guy in an ordinary Clio got out to look at my 172 parked near my house and then he noticed the Raider as well! Kept him occupied for a few minutes!
  Audi S3

Yea that sort of sight would get me intrested for a good few minuites too!

oh and i get looks in my car too! and if the looks of me and the car dont get the attention i drop it in a high gear and let the induction kit do its atention grabing job! :D

  190 BHP Willy 2

Thing is though Matt if they are standing too close when you plant your foot down it tends to suck bystanders in. :p.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I was walking back to the car once and this bloke was crossing the road and looking at the front end. think he was amazed that the wheels actually fit in the arches. Anyway thought Id give the remote engine start a blast, bloke sh1ts his pants, thought he was looking at night rider when noone was in the car. His facial expression was hillarious.

I was p1ssing myself for ages after that!

i get other cars edging forward at the traffic lights to get a head start on me :confused: and people stare when i drive past... maybe im good looking aswell ;)

Night.icon i get it all the time too mate. Gets on my nerves sometimes. Parked in the pub the other day and bout 10 17-19 year olds came over and were lookin all round my car askin me questions. All i wanted was a drink!
  VW Potato

My Golf GTi used to get looks (it was a real nice original and totally unmarked version, last of the Mk2s with the BBS wheels and big bumpers), and the Alfa...well, you wouldnt get anymore noticed if you were running down the street naked with a big arrow overhead pointing down toward you. :)

So, being a bit shy, I was hoping Puppy would allow me to travel unnoticed. Hah, fat chance; it draws attention like a magnet. Sometimes its the colours of the headlights, sometimes the cute-yet-serious smile, sometime the wheels. This is one attractive car we have, I reckon. So at times, Im just grateful for the dark tinted windows :)


I really love the old Golf GTis. The Mk1 just looks classic now and the Mk2 16v (with big bumpers and in a deep metallic green) still just wafts in a kind of refined way. Much the same with the 5 GT Turbo now as well in my opinion - looks cool classic as it is.

And youll notice that the nicer looking old cars are the ones that are standard - its just that some features really make a car, like the BBS Golf wheels, or the Clio 16v bonnet bulge. Im seriously thinkling of getting the original Phase 2 16v wheels to fit to my Valver later in its life - they look so good even after all these years and aftermarket alloys like mine just arent as durable!

Having said that, theres not much you can do wrong to a 16v or 172 (except viper stripes!)...and as for a Maxi kit....:D


Just got my 172 MK2 a month ago... I know exactly where youre comin from with people eyein up your motor... I had a Civic VTi before, that got attention but this baby god!! The lights give it away big time...
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Yup, get a fair amount of looks in the Williams. At uni especially when I make the induction roar and the zorst pop ;) At cruises when its parked up, u usually get quite a few people looking around it :D

My Fiesta gets loadsa attention though. At Southend when I last went down, just about everyone was looking at it!!

funny.. a bloke asked me today when getting into my cat where i got my skirts from.... and said they looked wicked!! so i was chuffed!