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Audi TT 225

Just had a wonderful run against an Audi TT 225 along Rivelin Valley Road outside Sheffield. It overtook me on a long straight bit and then let me catch up until I was about 10 car lengths in front. It then proceeded to hurl itself at the first corner so I decided to try and keep up.

Pleased to report that around the corners, the 172 doesnt embarrass itself in the slightest. I was really getting what so many magazines say about how fluid the car is when pushed. I was able to keep a steady throttle (all in 2nd & 3rd gears) and just sort of turn and slide at the same time around the bends. Really pleasant experience doing that and managing to maintain the same distance with the TT.

Shame that everytime the road opened it would pull away from me and then have to wait near the end of the straight!

Fair enough, the guy was having a play with me, but I was able to stick with him when he was driving hard enough to pop the back end out on a couple of occasions (which looked extremely cool!) so Im very happy with my little 172 :D.


Yup, connected the pipe as soon as I got home after the RR day. Doesnt sound as good but feels much more powerful.

  320d M Sport

arrrr, Rhys, now if that was my car I would have toasted the sucker.......the extra power and all that!!!!


Yeah, right Paddy! Im not kidding, those things feckin shift.

BTW, lime green is a crap colour on the blue background ;)
  320d M Sport

I know Rhys, this is worse though.

No, they are nice, BTW did you realise you can get twin tail pipes on the 180BHP as an option???

You up fpr York then?


Yes, Im going for York. Im sure it was a 225 as Ive chased after the 180s before and there isnt so much in it. Everytime the one I was chasing hit the straights it shot off like a rocket!

Yes, Im 90% going to York and will hopefully meet up with Craggy on the way there if you wish to join us...

  mk2 172

a 180 you would have the legs on rhys, i raced one a while ago, come third gear youd say bye bye, 225 is a different animal tho
  CTR EK9 turbo

How much do TTs weigh? it shouldnt have toasted you by that much surely? with 225 bhp and at a guess the weight around 1300 kg the bhp/tonne would probably be something like 170 bhp? quite similar, and also less power at the wheels and all that. Maybe hed had it chipped?

I raced a brand new Audi S3 (kinda arranged race in terms of, so you think your cars fast then? ill toast you - in his words) I was up his back end like a rat up a drain and my car seemed more stable around the long/wide bends (*on a private runway*A3 going south and north near M25) at around !40, his car was boating quite badly at those speeds, as was probably mine tho, but i couldnt see my own car. I was suprised at his in-gear acceleration in that it wasnt very good? he did thrash it from new mind, but it seems that cars that have been thrashed appear to have more go in them? all in all, both cars seemed to be as quick as each other - although i had ZERO fuel and he did have one passenger. But i hate to think how much he paid for his car. Although, i would rather have an S3 than my car. Just one chip away from another 30+bhp id have thought. Lovely interior too.

Being 4WD the 225 would be able to get back on the gas sooner coming out of corners, and as you say, it could have been chipped etc. (isnt it the really common 1.8T engine that is in just about every VAG car under the sun?). Its always impossible to know what state of tune someones car is in if you dont get to ask them. My car seems to meet the standard figures in terms of power and performance quoted for a 172, and from what I could see in outright straight line power, the 225 has it. Its just like that, and thats the way it is! As I also said, he wasnt getting away from me at all in the corners, he was entirely relying on straight line speed.