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Audi TT 225bhp, Cougar V6 & 1.2 Corsa!

Does anyone have any impartial experience of these cars?? Just been out on a good dual carriageway in Bristol and came up against all three.

The TT had the twin tailpipes and correct badges, and we were absolutely neck and neck from about 20mph to *20mph (on empty long straights). At about 60mph I thought it was pulling away, but then I reeled it back in again. Neither of us was being silly and were not speeding through the roundabouts, but the look of disappointment was pretty clear on the guys face. This is the second time Ive been neck and neck with a twin-tailpipe TT (the last time was off a standing start, he was ahead in 1st). All in all, a good gentlemanly duel with waves of respect and no cheating.

The Cougar gave me grief below about 5,000rpm but then I was startled at how much quicker I was in the power-band. I wasnt particularly impressed to be honest, though the initial shove was good out of roundabouts (just like a modern TD).

...and then finally I had a mint green Corsa trying it on! The bloke must have been only a day over 17 and had a manic look on his face. I gave it a bit of comedy by letting him come right up within inches to my bumper before giving it some in 2nd. Man, those 1.2 Corsas are so fast;)!

had a race with 225 TT not long ago off lights, he got off quicker then i did and manged to pull ahead in 1st and 2nd, by third he couldnt pull anymore all the way upto 110mph. reckon with a better start i could match him
  ST 225, PH1 172

Nearly 18 seconds to 60?!?!?! Surely this cars shouldnt be allowed on the road!! Bloody dangerous, imagine trying to pull out a junction or summit or going down sliproad onto motorway and only being able to join traffic at 40-50, crazy!!!!

Trust me, I had a 1.2 8v and stopwatched it to 60 with 2 in the car. 17.8 time and time again! Piss poor car. The 1.0 12vs are faster to 60. The 1.2 8v only had 33bhp!!!

Well clean engine bay Ben H, wish mine was like that, what mileage are you on, is that cleaned regularly ?. Dont mean to stray off topic but immediately to the right of the dip stick, the thick black tube, is that where you spray carb cleaner to clean the ICV, should I drown it in cleaner or just a quick squirt ? Sorry to disrupt the post !! Speaking of Corsas, one blasted past me at some lights [I wasnt trying and he was already moving], he had exhaust etc, tunes thumping, ragging it in every gear, so I thought Id have a play with him, caught right up and stuck with him and he starts waving his arms about in the car, think I upset him as he couldnt get away !!!

The odometer reads a healthy 97,983 miles, which is no trouble on a modern car. It was pretty clean when I bought the car on 78,000 miles as the engine had just been re-built with head work, cams and so on. But I cleaned it just for good measure;). I only use the car in the dry and wipe off the dust now and again, so it doesnt tend to get dirty.

"immediately to the right of the dip stick, the thick black tube, is that where you spray carb cleaner to clean the ICV, should I drown it in cleaner or just a quick squirt ?"

Not quite: if you look at the picture again, youll see that to the right of the dipstick and after that black tube, theres a gold coloured object with a black wire from the engine going to the top of it. Thats the ISCV. It has an elctrical multiplug on the top of it, which you remove. Its held from the side by a clamp with a 10mm bolt on it - undo that. After you withdraw it vertically, give it a squirt with carb cleaner and let it dry. Reinstall and it should help the idling.

Cheers Ben thats wicked, left my Haynes round my dads and hes lost it, good job I asked as I nearly sprayed carb cleaner in that black tube last night but had second thoughts, PHEW !! Hope it does help the idling as its running well rough at the moment, I think I have hit the 65K fecking expensive age in my cars life as I also noticed last night that there is power steering fluid all over the resevoir and cap and the cap was on tight, dont know how that got there !! !!. Engine bay is well nice mate, looks brand new, deffo a big boys 16v !
  clio 20v

ive seen a few valvers with fluid on top of the resevoir and mine did it think it just comes out of the breather hole in the top of the cap i wouldnt worry about it


Mine is a tuned F7P 1764cc 16v lump, worked on to an unknown spec by the last owner with head work, re-profiled cams, vernier pulleys, chip etc. It made 171.3bhp on an engine dynometer before it was put in the car two years ago, but made 128bhp at the wheels at a recent RR day. Although there was no measure of transmission loss and it made more than all the other 16vs on the day, I would realistically be needing at least 140+ at the wheels to match up with the engine dyno from a couple of years back. I suspect it might have something to do with a little argument my head and spark plug had before Christmas, where a spark plug was spat out and the subsequent repair disturbs the No3 cylinder dome. The other thing is that different dynos (either an engine dyno or RR) are not really comparable and can vary wildly.

Still, I would say its safe to say my car is running enough to match the 160bhp per ton power-to-weight of a 225bhp TT (which carries another 450kg in weight!) and remembering that the 16v gbox is quite low geared to reach the magic power band.

Clean 16vs has had the F7P 2.0 conversion from a Williams (also used in the early Megane Coupe 2.0). Althought the Willy lump doesnt make much more power than the 16vs unit and bits like the head are nearly identical, it makes 85% of its torque at 2500rpm - whereas the Valver makes it at about 4500rpm!