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  Polo + Micra

i could tell you but i really dont what to.

you could do a nice install useing better quality items rather than paying for form over function.

Quote: Originally posted by CDMullins on 06 June 2005

My mates got 2 for sale, 12 inch! 400watt rms, by far best looking subs out!
Cheers m8 but dont think id wana buy 2nd hand subs.

Just want a website for sum new ones, got a 15 inch vibe but its huge so havnt put it in the 182.

Please post sum sites guys.


Not 2nd hand mate!!!! hes got a load of gear for sale, dus a lot of importing!!!! Dead cheap! Pm me if u want details.
  Polo + Micra

Quote: Originally posted by CDMullins on 06 June 2005
by far best looking subs out!

yeah and thats the only thing that is good going for them

not when you have as much experience in the trade as some of us

possibly the worst brand ive installed in the last year

spend the same money elsewhere, and get a FAR better sub

personally think the chrome looks tacky too
  377BHP Golf R 7.5

never heard the cheap range, but my mate has 6 audiobahn immortals in his fiesta and that thing is too loud!