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[Aug 1, 2015] South Wales Rolling Road Day (Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate)

Hello all.

I threw the idea of a South Wales rolling road day up here and it sounded like a few people would be interested in it so I figured it could do with a dedicated thread where we can get an idea of numbers and interest.
This would be a nice chance for the folks in Wales to have a chat and get to know each other a bit.
If we need some more numbers then I'm game for extending the invite to the folks as they always make good company! :smile:

The venue that's come recommended is Indigo-GT.
They're a couple of miles east of Merthyr Tydfil.
They've got an AWD dyno so we can bring along pretty much anything we like. I'm bringing my Civic so if you or your mate wants to bring his/her 500bhp Focus then crack on!

I've had a quick chat with them on the phone. They require a minimum of 10 cars and stop at about 25 and they normally carry out rolling road days on Saturdays.

There's also plenty of places around where we can get a bite to eat afterwards.

The day I've stuck up was just an idea. It's no problem to change it!
June is completely booked up so it will need to be sometime in July or August. August 8th and 15th are also a no go but there's no rush!
I'm also conscious that there's another meet on July 11th which will smash into people's fun fund hence why this thread is here to get an idea when folks are free.

If we pushed the date further into August or the end of July then it gives people time to make any pending modifications to their car before they stick it on a dyno. :smile:

How much will this hurt the piggy bank?
I've pinched a few numbers from their site but I'm currently waiting on an email back from the helpful chap I spoke to on the phone to get a better idea of costs. Presumably they will require a deposit from us of some description and it will be on a per-car basis.
From their site:
Our club packages start at £35 per car for a club shoot out, and we offer all the standard data logging and graphing facilities that we normally provide on any normal power test.

Dyno Shoot Out Day package

From £40 per car (with discount depending on total)
  • Set up and strap car on Dyno
  • 3 Power runs
  • Full Graphing
  • AFR Monitoring (where applicable)
  • Boot pressure (where applicable)
I mentioned that we are Clio car club but all sorts will probably come along and the chap on the phone said that's standard these days.
Let me know what you all think. Could be a nice day out and a good change of pace. :smile:
The director of the place has dropped me an email with the price list so now we've got some numbers. :smile:
So we need to aim for a fair number of cars! I'm not on the Meg or 197 forums so if anybody wants to extend an invite then I'd greatly appreciate it!


In terms of payment for this thing, I don't know whether they need all the money up front or whether they'll take it on the day.
If they require a deposit I'm happy for people to drop money into my PayPal account and I'll pay for it.
Don't worry I'm a real human. :cool: Most of you have met me. Some of you even know where my front door is!


ClioSport Club Member
  Not a clio, Saxo vtr
Considering this 5 minutes from my front door. I'm in and 1st August is great for me.

Will be in my Clio, but if we need to make number up I'll bring my 106 GTi as well as I would like that done. (Will get my dad to drive the Clio if I do this)

Have a few mates who might be interested in coming as well.
I just noticed this lands on ClioSport Saturday.
I personally wasn't planning on going to CSS as it's a bit of a mission for me.
If there aren't many Welsh folks planning on attending CSS then this could be a nice day out for us, however 25th of July is an option for us and so is the 22nd and 29th of August. :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Not a clio, Saxo vtr
I'm open to anytime as long as it isn't on July 11th as I got a track day at llandow.


Wales - South
ClioSport Area Rep
I'll be at cliosport Saturday so won't be attending this sorry lads. Shame you're not popping along Mike!


  Megane rs250
Last time i went it was 30 quid the robbing buggers... but its only 5 mins up the road from me so i'll definitely come what ever day you end up having it on.... but not 100% on if i'll do a run because of the ramp on the dyno
Im planning on buying new coil overs at the end of this month so hopefully i'll be 35mm higher all around by then might save my side skirts
Hey all,
Please accept my apologies that this never went ahead and the organisation was piss poor.
I've not been very active here of late due to a close family member having a stroke and dying plus the fact that I'm a r****d and managed to crack my sump - so time hasn't exactly been on my side!
I replaced the sump today but I'm still unable to commit to anything for a while as I'm still helping sort out all the family affairs.

Should have really put this on here sooner...