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Just a general question really, if you had a standard H/U that had and autochanger option with it, could you plug any autochanger in, or does it have to be the right autochanger?? (ie can you plug a sony autochanger into a renault H/U??)

Just I have a mate with a toyota H/U and the autochanger is shagged, will any autochanger fit it??

Ta Las

I woulndt think so Renault HU and CD changers are unique and only work on Renault cd changer or head units.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

not strictly true

Alpine and Sony now do a range of connector leads which mean you can use one of their changers, only the specified model as far as i know, and one of the special connector leads to fit it to an OE headunit

you would have to check whether they do a lead to adapt to that car

in general though, changers are only compatible with the same make head unit, and even thats not always the case as the leads sometimes change