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Autosmart WAX

  2007 clio dynamique
Has anyone used this stuff ? Ive read some good reviews on detailing world but i havnt used it yet , i was in halfords looking at the cleaning stuff when some random guys says ive got some stuff for you to try he took me to his car and gave me a new pot of this wax some 20/20 glass cleaner and some microfibres lol not bad for free i thought
  2007 clio dynamique
No he just walked past and said if your looking for some wax ive got some in the car you can try , really strange but he did say his mate works for autosmart so he gets it free


ClioSport Club Member
Lols. Mental.

It's very good mate. Just not fancy. I prefer Autoglym HD wax but AS is very good for the price.
The autosmart wax is ok.

But for a tiny bit more money you can get dodo juice wax which is awesome stuff in comparison to the autosmart stuff!

That 20/20 stuff is ok too, I much prefer autosmart glass clear...... It smells so good you want to drink it and it is one of the best glass cleaners I've used!