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aux belt confirmation needed

  Ph2 172
right started replacing my aux belt today after all sorts of issues got the belt on BUT the routing i dont think its correct on the lower metal idler pulley

when i took it off the belt was touching the pulley ribbed side so belt going under it i dont think this is right should be over it and touching it with the flat side of the belt?

kinda hope not as the car has had to be put back together to move it but does that mean someone else has done it wrong as its the same as it came off?
You're correct.

It's goes, over the crank, under the water pump, over the pas pump, around the tensioner, over the alternator, around the air con compressor, over the lower idler back to the crank.
  Ph2 172
Thank you for clearing that up back apart it comes :( I wonder how long the old belt was like that the idler pulley has the groove marks on it!