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Aux belt

  172 cup TT
Hi ya - I think I need a belt looking at.. I think it’s the Aux belt. It’s on the drivers side of the engine and it’s the thick belt you can see going round when the engines running.

I noticed it looked like a part of it is fraying slightly… When it gets like that is it advisable to change it? If so, what kind of prices am I looking at to get this Aux belt changed on a 172 cup… I had a new engine via reno about 25k ago and assume this belt would have been new with that so thats how old it is... if it was the inital belt tho then its 70k...hmm

Thanks peeps
  Z4 Roadster
You would expect the belt to have been new with the engine – it would surely be stupid of Renault to keep the old belt in there? If they did, I wouldn’t be too chuffed!!!

The aux belt is scheduled for change at 4yrs / 36k miles I’m fairly sure.

I wouldn’t expect your belts to require changing unless you’ve done a fair few miles on the new engine?
do not drive your car

Its a common fault and if that thing snaps it will get tangled in the path of your cambelt and cause it to jump a few teeth resulting in a fucked head. Change it straight away and find the cause of the problem ( loose pulley ?? )
  172 cup TT
Skindemon : yeh you would expect them to have changed the belt yeh.. but i found out recently that they left put the olf old spark plugs in from my old engine so i wouldnt be suprised at reno really.. My new engine has done 25k now...

Matt: cheers.. and sh!t... thanks mate... My cars going into a garage on monday to repair a popped (w@nkers) key lock and de-lock the door so might get them to do the Belt at the same time.. Any ideas on price of parts and an indication of labour time? Ive heard its easier on my 172 cup with no A/c.. dont know how much truth there is in that tho..
Aux belt takes about 2 hrs to do - depending on who does it your gonna be looking at £15 + vat for a new belt and between £80 - £120 for labour
  172 cup TT
Cheers Matt thx... Why the hell would the belt be fraying like this tho... hopefully it was replaced by reno at engine swap time!..
  clio 172
a lot of people say that the aux belt needs changing at 36000
but generally this is just a inspection (ask edde he knows everything about clios!!) if it needs changing do it, but it is suppose to be changed at the same time as the cambelt 72000

however i think 72000 is a bit long i did mine at 60000 if you get the kit all the belts come together for cambelt change at renault cost me £580 all in :cool:
  Lionel Richie
Aux belt takes about 2 hrs to do - depending on who does it your gonna be looking at £15 + vat for a new belt and between £80 - £120 for labour
not on a cup it doesn't!!! 30min job
  C63 AMG, F430 & 172
i did a mates aux belt on his cup including jacking it up it took 40mins.. his was foooooked to!