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aux tensioner--- can the pulley/bearing be replaced?

  clio 172
Hi mates. I noticed that my ph2 172's aux tensioner (the one with the big spring, PITA to change) is bent towards the back of the engine, but not enough to rub against the aux belt yet. Just last month I took the car to a specialist to get the cambelt done, and noticed the bent tensioner a couple of weeks after (aux belt replaced, aux tensioner not). Anyway, I found some threads about this same issue and each one of them pointed towards a seized tensioner.

Im guessing that seized tensioner refers to the pulley bearing itself, so it got me thinking: can you change just the bearing/pulley? Anyone done this? Or does the spring part of the tensioner wears out as well (cant really see how)?

Any help is much appreciated!
  RB FF 182
I always thought a specialist would have insisted on using a full aux, and cam belt kit... I had mine done and they changed all tensioners etc...

I think the tensioner is more likely to go than the belt if I have heard correctly. If you have recently had the belt changed I can't see an issue with having someone replacing the tensioners... However, I'm no mechanic. I'm sure someone will be along to confirm shortly.
just replace the aux kit saves faffing about, for the sake of i think about £230 supplied and fitted i would get it done pronto,or if it goes and takes the timing belt out its going to cost you around £1200 for a rebuild.
  clio 172
thing is, the tensioner alone is over 250 quid here. Reno won't sell the complete kit, just the parts. I might end up getting it shipped from the UK or something.

So, how did the tensioner end up bent anyway?