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  1. S

    Air con idler/tension pulley

    D4f 720 Need a replacement guide or just this question answered. Do you just take the nut off the front and slide it off, or do I have to secure the bolt/ 'axle' that it spins on so it doesnt drop out of the bracket? Read the manual and to tension the belt you just loosen the nut on the...
  2. S

    Clutch fork wobbling

    Clutch fork is wobbling back and forth (towards and away from clutch)- no sideways movement in it (towards and away from rad/firewall) Pivot bearing or throw out? Causes vibration you can feel through floor and pedals at idle and to either side of 3k rpm. Worse when air con put on at idle...
  3. F

    Drum size conversion from 203 to 180

    So I did a cheap/stupid thing today Bought new brake drums & shoes for my mk2 and they are visibly smaller. Like don’t even need to open the box smaller. In my rush to buy them before they’re out of stock again, I bought the 180mm drums but I have the 203mm drums. I didn’t even take the wheel...
  4. B

    Rear wheel bearing

    Hello all , I had my rear wheel bearing done roughly 2 months ago ( only the one side for money reasons) since then in the past week or two I've noticed a similar sound as if the bearings is going on the same side after having gone to Santa pod and back ( roughly 200 miles total). Is there any...
  5. D

    Strange noise around 4000 RPM

    Hi! So i have a problem with my Twingo rs. There there seems to be a loose bearing sound whenever I go past 4000 revs then let off the accelerator or changing gears. It still shifts fine, no slipping clutch, no drop in rpm. Managed to find a video of someone who had the same issue but he...
  6. James363

    Cup Racer Uniball holders

    Hi, I work as a CAD Engineer at a reverse engineering company Crosthwaite and Gardiner (as proof of competence, we've all seen some suspicious suspension components). I am looking to produce some cup racer style uniball holders, matching the original geometry of a 1*2 ball joint. This will...
  7. James363

    Wheel bearing size 172 Cup

    Hi, I need to replace my front wheel bearing on my 172 cup, and a look on euro car parts is telling me there are two sizes (40ID 84OD or 37ID 72OD). K-tec has different categories for 182 Cups and everything else, but it doesn't say which is larger. Renault parts direct has different bearings...
  8. M

    three bearings on end of n\s driveshaft

    The bit that fits inside the gearbox. Do I need to grease it? Or is it lubricated by the gearbox oil. 😊 Thanks
  9. R

    Pure Motorsport top mount bearings

    Hi guys - looking for a bit of advice with my newly purchased Clio 182. I bought it from a member on here and in the ad and during sale @matty1995 mentioned that there was the odd knock from one of the front dampers. I've been tinkering and had the car jacked up looking around and looking at...
  10. jesus

    Wheel bearing?

    I have a droning/humming type of noise when driving. It seems to get louder at 40-50mph, then quieter, then loud at 70+ again. When I turn left the noise disappears, but when I turn right it either gets slightly louder or stays present. I have been having a few issues with the gearbox lately...
  11. NX-STEP

    reason for continous bearing failing?

    This is the 3rd set of discs/bearings going on the p/s rear wheel. something has to be wrong with that side of the axle or wheel. Question - will tracking help diagnose whats causing bearings to go again and again on p/s rear wheel? And How much can I expect to pay to have it tracked?
  12. NX-STEP

    Can I tell if I have bearing spacers without removing wheel?

    A whirring noise has developed in the last few days. It comes from the p/s rear. Some research on here shows its most likely the bearings gone (So new discs and bearings going on) but before I book it in, is there any way of seeing if the spacers are still on or if they have been thrown with the...
  13. DannyR

    Steering Column Top Bearing

    So my steering wheel had movement up and down, turns out it the bearing as all the little ball bearings have fallen out. I've taken off the bracket that holds it to the frame and houses the ignition barrel. This also houses the bearing. Now I have a part on the steering column which could be...
  14. D

    Clio 172 rear wheel bearings

    Hi everyone, can anyone advice on where to get rear wheel bearings for a mk2 phase 1 sport 172. I replaced them two trackdays ago and now they are whining like a bugger again. Is there anywhere that do a stronger bearing? Also I'm after a stud kit for said vehicle as it keeps stripping wheel...
  15. BuCkLeY...

    Wheel bearing Whine..

    Hi, ive got a wheel bearing whine from the rear, don't know which drum yet but from the rear. I was looking and do new drums have the bearings in already? or is it a press job :) thanks
  16. MGF91

    Clutch Release Bearing?

    Hi, Bear with me, I don't have a clue about problems with cars, so please explain like I'm 5 :) My clutch is making a sort of creaking noise when its first used in the morning. It happens up until the biting point is reached in 1st, 2nd and 3rd (not sure if it happens in 4th, 5th or 6th as I...
  17. Andybluenoes

    How to check a front wheel bearing?

    I've got a whining noise coming from (I think) the front left on my 182. Has got quite loud over the last few weeks. ...seems louder under deceleration and maybe quieter when turning left....mostly all above say 50 mph. Done some searching and thinking maybe the wheel bearing. ..question is how...
  18. KitsonRis

    Front wheel bearing removal - urgent help!

    Need to change the front wheel bearing. I can get hold of a new kit tomorrow and access to a press too, but will have to be tomorrow otherwise I will have to borrow mother's car for the week! What I am after what needs to be removed from the car so I can take it to my step dads work to use the...
  19. John Gordon

    Replacing the Gearbox. Apparently with better bearings?

    Hi, I'm looking to book the Ph1 in for a new box as the diff bearings went in mine. The garage I have asked for a quote with mentioned a different gearbox with bigger stronger diff bearings. Anyone know what he's talking about? Were the later boxes updated? I'm curious. If you do...
  20. MattDilley

    Where can i get a wheel bearing for a 172 cup

    Im after a front wheel bearing for a 172 cup. Euro car parts want £55+vat! Renault parts direct want £45 inc vat. I think this is a bit on the pricey side tbh. Has anyone found a cheaper place?
  21. Alex Ratcliffe

    offside front, excessive Tyre wear, bearing and camber?

    Hi i have a All 172 cup ph2 2002. I had a slight curb knock recently which incurred a front offside puncture, I had 2 new front Tyres fitted and the offside front has gone below legal within weeks, 1mm 1.6mm 2mm in the treads. The Near side is still reading at 5mm 5mm 5mm. I have been reading...
  22. SargaroS

    Rod bearing number

    Hello. New here,couldn't find part number of the rod bearing. Is it called big end,main bearing ? Thanks mates. Have a great weekend.
  23. B

    Rear wheel bearing problems

    Recently fitted 2 new disks/bearings to my 172, after doing one trackday in November the car was parked up until the m.o.t was due today. I have been told by the garage that one of the wheel bearings has been ruined after only around 150miles. I have since found on the forum that there is to be...
  24. Nathan181

    182 ff cup front wheel bearing 84 mm

    Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction on getting a new bearing I'm in need of a 182 cup front wheel bearing ?? 84 mm I believe ????????????? Thanks
  25. S

    Ticking from rear subframe/bearing?

    My 1.2 has developed a ticking coming from the rear of the car that increases with the speed of the car. The drum brakes have just had a service, I have 20mm h&r spacers fitted and there's nothing visible that's out of place. This makes me think it's the bearing. Anyone got advice before I...
  26. dan112

    How long should pms solid top mount bearing last?

    as title I've removed the top mounts from the car today and the bearings are seized quite solid they were only fitted late 2012 £25 each for new bearings should I have to pay £50 every 2years to keep these good? Or have I been unlucky
  27. Joew182

    possible clutch release bearing failure

    hi all, just wondering if there is a way that i can use to check if my crb is on its way out. i only ask as ive had it go on my other car. when i press the clutch in to change gear it makes a very quiet (cant hear it if im going fast or have the radio on at all) ticking like noise. ticking is...
  28. couzens

    182 wheel bearings

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for rear wheel bearings for a 182? Not sure if non cup and cup differ. Ta.
  29. E

    Noisy clutch release bearing

    I'm going to have to get my clutch changed due to the sticking clutch release bearing, is it worth doing anything else whilst the sub frames lowered? Gearbox mounts?
  30. C

    faulty clutch release bearing

    Hi all, I have recently developed a problem with my Clio 3 1.4 16v Petrol. The car has started making a 'whining' noise when I rev it a little on a cold morning and move off in gear. The car will Rev soundly in neutral but as soon as the clutch is pressed in the noise appears. I don't...