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AV Receiver - ??

  Tesla MP3 2021
I am after a decent AV Receiver which has 2x optical inputs, ideally around £100 but will go to £200 max.

Any suggestions?

  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Richer Sounds is a good bet. They have some graded Cambridge Audio kit in there just now for under £180. Has 4 opticals and alot more.

I've had the 340R for a couple of years and it's a cracking bit of kit for the money, and nice and small too compared to some of the others. I had an Onkyo and it looked huge compared to the CA>
  Ibiswhite Audi S3 8P
Onkyo AVRs are generally recommended. The new ones like the TX-SR507 or TX-SR607 or even their smallest one the TX-SR307 might be worth a look.