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Back in a Clio at last!


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys, for those who dont know me, I sold my RB 182 in May last year to go for a more grown up car. I bought myself a Mk5 Golf GTI, and for the 1st few months I was happy with it, but the day to day enjoyment wasnt there like in the Clio.

Been searching round the web for a nice 182 to come up and finally, this afternoon I put a deposit down on a 2004 Arctic with 54K miles at a very good price :)

I am telling myself KEEP IT STANDARD! KEEP IT STANDARD! lol

It needs a splitter as it has gone walk about, but the standard exhaust and hangers look in good nick so I am going to try and leave this one alone. lol

Went from this:


To this:


And now back to the Clio!

I will upload some pics of the new car when I pick her up this week! :)


Splitter ASAP
S2000 aerial
Maybe sportlines as I was happy with them on my old RB182
Maybe 3/4 plate again.



ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Just read it again, well done mate :)

Get a yozza though, just no decat this time!


ClioSport Club Member
Sooo, how is it?

Any pics of it yet?

Its dark on the way to work and on the way home, so no pics yet Mike lol

It feels so strange upto the golf, steering is so much more direct but it feels like I'm sat on the car rather than in it lol

Also forgot how rolly-polly a non-lowered Clio was, its like a boat :eek:
Well done Matt :) didn't take long for you to see sense

i really want to keep mine as i remember how much fun it is in summer but it still depends on whether or not i can afford a van as well as keep the clio :(

if i do sell it then the yozza will come off ;) the zorstec will go back on now i have cut out the offending squashed pipe that knob had put it to reduce the noise, i tig welded it back up and now it should sound good and keep performance this time :)

Don't forget we need to see pics of it before you start to modify ;)
Yet another one who thought the grass was greener then came back lol.
Ste don't get rid mate, you'll only end up getting another;).

I know exactly what you mean Toby, it would drive me mad if all i had to drive was a transit connect all day :) i know even now i would regret selling it if i did, especially on the first warm sunny day of the year.