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Bad Plates

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Following on from the topic Baddly Modded Clios,

What is the worst caption you have seen on people number plates?

One of the worst I have seen is Police suck d**ks!

Okay you have just got to be stupid! Why.............!

Now thats good :) I wanted T1 3VOM, great one when youre coming up fast behind someone on the motorway, but I couldnt afford a new car when that came out..... someone probably got it as a normal issued plate :(

I was gonna buy, cheque already made out for:

W111 YMS

But was gutted when I read I couldnt have a w reg on my m reg williams :(

Paul, Ive done a similar thing with my plate:

* 70NY *

But Ive left it the standard font but obviously mis-spaced it. Doesnt look too bad as I was thinking of making the 7 go straight down but in the end decided not to.

I got some italic plates made up. look really cool but am worried about using them on the road just in case I get in front of a copper with nothing else to do than give me a hard time. They will be on my motor at Brands though.


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A friend of mine has just bought P3UAN which is in a huge round edged font, spaced out as P 3UAN - his name is EUAN (on a black 206 GTi). It looks quite distinct.


  Shiny red R32

The police dont seem to bother about letter / number spacing around here as we see so many cars with these plates.

actuall plates... theres a rover by me with L99 PEY ( Loopey )

as for little slogans... mine says "my other rides your girlfriend" and my mates says "ginos car so f**k off!!"
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hehe well I got busted on the cruise circuit around Donny this year for my N1CK R plates...that were registered to a Bentley Turbo R.:devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by SteveJJH on 15 November 2002

Theres a guy that lives near me (ex m/c racer steve parrish) who has a red merc with PEN15
At least it fits the car!