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BANG! Flames shooting out of my Willy...

Backfiring....the car has done it three times now, all after thrashing it and then letting the car slow down in third gear. Why does it do it & does it signify a problem?!



a simple fueling problem.....EITHER too rich or too lean......

to rich and the exhaust needs to be stupidly hot.....or still burning mixture exits. Too lean and it builds up on packing and burns when there is enough.

Nothing too major....

We did a long post on this a while ago.......
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

mines had a small flame out the back of it apparently. Was when I booted it to 110 then let off.

Yeah, it sounds and looks cool (was out of city in total darkness and lit the inside of the car up).....but potentially a bit embarrasing. What if it happens in rush hour traffic?! :confused: