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bargin 182 for 3700 on PH


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That is a bloody good price IMO, would have to change out the interior, remove the stickers, and set up the coilies properly but that'd be it.

Oh and make sure the cam belt's been done.

This, around xmas, I'd buy.


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I seen this yesterday, I think the other one was totally stripped out, maybe he has bought some interior and upped the price hoping to sell.
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  E92 M3
good mods only need the stickers taken off and then a tidy up. stick ITBs on it and its the price of a normal 182 with 70,000 miles
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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
people will be put off by the miles and the fact that for £600 quid more youll get one with half the mileage, its the downside of the used market being saturated with used examples.