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ClioSport Club Member

ok i am not as clued up as i would like to be so some help would be nice

ive already got 13cm pioneers in my valver doors and want some base, how would amped 6x9s sound compared to a sub

i dont want stupidly loud, i want quality and lots of space in my boot

cheers neil

6x9s are not worth the money

a sb is the ONLY way to get true bass into a car, the 6x9s (unless genesis 6x9 subs) will produce too much high end music, a little mid bass and no low end at all, which completely screws the sound phasing

get a sub, i have a 8" boston sub for sale that operates out of a 0.3cu ft enclosure, which, as many will tell you, is tiny
  Ziel Nurburgring

For just nice simple bass that only you can hear, try a 8" sub. 6x9s are horrid inventions, one of those things we wish we could uninvent.

Maybe try a powered sub unit, rather than an amp and a sub. Unless you want some loud stuff, then get a boxed 10-12" and an amp with enough juice to properly power the sub.


ClioSport Club Member

had been looking at the powered subs in someone elses thread (you mean compact subs yeah), what would the sound quality be like on these though, i still want decent tunage, i use the full width of my boot see.

bryan have you got any pics mate

this was a £200 sub new, will drop lower than many 10" subs available, yet right up there with the best 8" subs on the market at the minute

if anyone is interested i only want £80 which will include p&p

no worries, let me know as and when you can

prefereably by monday, so that i can whack it on e-bay if needs be

yes £80 is as low as i will go including delivery (its a fooking heavy sub) im already taking a shot in the foot by selling it for that price

for an extra £20 i can have a box made up, but in all honesty, youd be better having one made youself for less, bu no, it currently doesnt come with a box


ClioSport Club Member

i was looking at getting a stealth box but just checked the price and at £100+ quid its a no no to that,

how would i go about working out the right size of the box

sorry for all the questions