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Bastid !

  Audi S3

Thaught i just showed a beemer what for! he pulles of quick from the lights and i follow he goes faster so i floor it thinking ill show him! i beat him and then start to slow up being a 40 limit!
he then comes alongside and gives me a smileam pulls a bit infrount, and it only turns out to be a M3 haveing a play with me!
  Clio 197

Most of the M3s are debadged here so you really have to look closely at the E36s especially the saloons. The E30 and E46 are hard to miss though, although I saw an E46 badged as a 320 Ci!

On Thursday I was at the ring and a buddy with a Sport Evolution was there as well. There wasnt anything in it between my Willy and the M3. We swapped cars and still the story was pretty much the same. Amazing!
  evo x rs

had a kicking with a woman driving an M3 at the lights. From 0-90 she pulled away with little problem. She was giving it her all, and managed about four car lengths when hitting around the 90 mark.

Not a bad effort i think from the 172 against a car worth three times it value.