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BB Performance Tuning ( de-catpipe )

Just been to bb performance tuning to pick up my de-cat pipe, looks very nice. Its made of two parts that side into each other. This lets you turn the pipe so that you can get the correct alignment.

Also as I pulled in to bb performance tuning I spotted someones Clio just sitting there. It was nun other than Nicks reads I though sweet lets see what he up to now. Asked where nick was!! They said he has gone home because he blow it, I said blow it !sh*t!.

So nick reply to this post mate and let us no what you done, hope it’s not to bad mate.
  Clio v6

You see thats why I swear by electric. The gas is just too easy to turn up too high.

Nick will provide you with the more technical explanation in due course.

Hope it all gets sorted quickly Nick. Should you need a lift to anywhere please contact me Id be glad to help.
  BMW 320d Sport

lol you caught me out! :oops:

Well anyway, I finally got the flames I wanted...from the wrong end of the car unfortunately! Took it up to BB today to get the decat pipe swapped over and do a couple of power runs, one normal and the second one on gas. Ive not had it on the rollers since I put in the controller and 100 jets over the summer. The first run was fine so then for the nitrous run I programmed the controller to bring the gas up from an easy 30% start, but ramping up to full power in 3 seconds, forgetting that the rollers would take a few seconds to load up the wheels even once the gas was firing...oops. Reason I set it like that is that normally when quarter miling or on the road a mild setting like that is perfectly safe, even at fairly low revs/high gears ie. 4000rpm/4th gear.

Anyway, the result was that it was floored as usual in 4th, the gas was firing but (I think because the rollers were loading up against the torque and bogging it down) it started pinking, so obviously he let off, and at that point there was a huge bang, the bonnet lifted on its hinges and a flame shot out from under it! Apparently a big flame came out the tailpipe as well but I didnt see that. Turned the engine off and looked under the bonnet to find it full of black soot and bits of crap; the induction pipe, airbox and home-made throttle body adapter had all blown apart. There were bits everywhere and the throttle body was still smoking. When I started the engine it did seem to be OK apart from the clouds of steam that were rising up from the bottom end! Undriveable.

Luckily John (night icon) & Clare were with me so they gave me a lift back to Southend. Looks like bad news one way or the other, at the very least its a blown head gasket. Or maybe a piston gone. So BB are gonna get it sorted whatever it is, but if it turns out to be a bottom end problem, I might just get them to swap it for a 2.0 rather than take it apart.

So, anyone know where theres a cheap 2.0 bottom end going at the moment? I suppose it doesnt really matter whether its Willy or Megane, although Willy would be nice.

Well, you live and learn I suppose, what would be the point of trying stuff out if it didnt blow up occasionally?:devilish: Thats life it seems - best to take it on the chin, although I could have done without it after just replacing the gearbox, driveshaft, sump, wishbones and power steering pump only a few months ago.:(
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW Cheers Dash I might just have to take you up on that if mines not in one piece before Brands Hatch. At least Ill arrive in style in your V6 mate!:cool:
  BMW 320d Sport

Actually while Im here, anyone got any ideas about what would have caused the monster backfire? Cos Ive never ever had a car that backfired before so Im not that great on the theory! But by the destruction in the engine bay, thats definitely what it was.

All I can think is that at low revs the nitrous/fuel mixture wasnt pulling through the manifold quickly enough and concentrating in the inlet tract, then one of the cylinders fired just before the inlet valve closed and it spread out into the manifold? It seemed to be pinking then on backing off/deceleration it blew.

prolly too much notrous, and it ignited causing the explosion! ;)

Nick... could i suggest changing ur side part from "FastestUKClio 14.48@96mph" to "DeadestUKClio 00.00@0mph" :D
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe Mat yeah lets hope he doesnt notice!

Im looking at it as a golden opportunity to go for 2.0 power. Actually while youre here Mat, can you have a look over at the mods forum and see my post on that old thread about 2.0 conversions, maybe you can add your words of wisdom?

If anyone is interested the decat pipe fitted fine and makes the car sound like a proper rally car now. Its taken all the noise that was building up in the cat pipe and moved it to the back box.