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BB Tuning Turbo Conversion on willy lump

Is it only for the 1800cc or can it be done on the Willy? Im asumming it can as they are virtually the same.

Would ithe conversion be faster on the willy lump compaired to the 16v lump?

If so what sort of power would the turbo willy lump put out
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I dont think the pistons or summit are as strong on the willy which is why they might not do it, I could be talking utter crap though
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Did anyone get the BB Tuning catalogue - i got one yesterday.....(r u happy 4 me or wot)

Do either of the companys do throttle bodies? Are these a cheaper option? Maybe have an engine rebuild with uprated parts and a TB conversion?


I think BB will do throttle bodies. In there brochure they mention them but dont say they do them. They state that it is a route you can take with the valver or willy etc.
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If they do the conversion Kev I would have thought it would depend on how far you go. For the basic conversion the compression ratio doesnt really alter so yes, the 2.0 lump will give you more torque at the bottom before the turbo gets going. But then who drives around at 2000 revs anyway?

If you go for the high boost, low compression version, the lowering of compression ratio will have a much greater effect than the extra 200ccs in the Willy engine, so you wont really notice the difference I wouldnt have thought. Both the 1.8 and 2.0 will run around 240-250bhp in high boost road form - having test driven this state of tune, you really dont need any more to cane everything out there. 300bhp + can be attained but only really necessary for quarter miling I would have thought.

Cheers Nick

Was Just wondering as i would be interested in the turbo but ln a yr or so but will be getting a willy lump put in as soon as i can find one.