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bell or flexi-bell insurance?

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
iam with flexibell as you can choose what parts of the insurance you want, and you have the added option of being able to add tpft to any other car, which is handy to have :D
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
you can choose weather or not you want legal cover, windscreen cover, et ettc

as for the tpft option

I paid £29.95 i think on top of my premium and i can drive any other car with consent of the owner tpft. which is handy to have.


ClioSport Club Member
^^^^^ y more convenient wen u get a 2nd car? and iv just looked adn they want £45 for em 2 b covered 3rd party on some1 elses car! y was urs only £29.95!!!